#13 It's Vue Again!


Eduardo Partipilo

Plant the Vue seed in AngularJS

Eduardo Partipilo

Frontend Developer

How to make these two frameworks co-exist Keep alive the legacy code while migrating to new technology. Is it possible to have two different frameworks teams working on the same product?

Jan Salwowski

Managing data with Vuex and normalizr

Jan Salwowski

Fullstack Developer

Nowadays frontend applications took some responsibilities from backend (server-side rendered) applications. Now we don't only display some HTML, but we need to somehow fetch data, transform and manage it. Every year the amount of data on the frontend side is getting bigger and bigger. Additionally, if you are building SPA (Single Page Application) then you need to face another problem that wasn't present in "old-school" server-sider rendered apps - statefulness. This requires synchronizing, updating or deleting redundant data from your frontend application when it is needed. These problems can be solved while keeping high performance and readability. The answer is single source of truth. You can achieve it in multiple ways, during the presentation you will get to know the approach that is, in my opinion, the best - store with data normalization.

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